Tahiti Tourisme: Campaign Concept

There’s an authentic Tahitian island experience for everyone. Embracing the rallying cry of “Live your ‘Hiti,” this bold tourism campaign encourages each of us to become the gateway to our own corner of paradise—to go, do, find, explore and share in a way that personalizes the islands of Tahiti to you. Traditional patterns paired with evocative imagery creates a dynamic and engaging look-and-feel across a wide variety of touchpoints.

We believe there is a ‘gateway’ (or ‘hiti’) which resides within each of us. As individual ambassadors of content, we each can live and share our ‘Hiti with the world.

Utilizing social media tools like Tagboard and Positano kiosks allows visitors to share their 'Hiti in real-time.

  • Role Designer

  • For GreenRubino

  • Date December 2014

  • Associate CD Dennis Budell

  • CD/Copywriter Joe Quatrone

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